Educational Philosophy


"Dynamic - Creative - Acquiring knowledge – International integration - Mastering the future"


This is the guiding thought throughout MIT's activities in order to achieve the vision, mission and quality policy of MIT.

Following the educational philosophy of "Dynamic - Creativity - Knowledge acquisition - Integration - Mastering the future", MIT not only provides students with progressive, high-quality and trend-appropriate training programs. international, but also create favorable conditions for students to develop their personal potential.

MIT focuses on fostering students with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet the increasing demands of society, while promoting the spirit of inquiry, research and learning in students to learn. lifelong practice. This will help students improve themselves, develop their creative potential and integrate skills to adapt to the development of technology in the new era.

MIT aspires to create generations of comprehensive students with five core values: "Dynamic - Creative - Acquiring knowledge – International integration - Mastering the future"


             Dynamic means being proactive, positive, daring to think, dare to do. Dynamic means always taking positive actions, working enthusiastically, always trying to do everything we can to influence the things and phenomena around us to do well.

Creativity is always passionate about researching and exploring new things based on what is already there to create valuable spiritual and material things and new and unconstrained solutions.

So an active, creative person is someone who is always passionate, explores new things without fear of anything. Therefore, MIT values ​​creative dynamism so that students can explore new things by themselves to create material and spiritual values, find things that we can use and create. practical values ​​bring quite a source of benefit to our lives”.

International integration is the ability to study and work according to the current workforce trends and is assessed according to regional and international standards. International integration is also reflected in the fact that the school's training programs and graduates are recognized by international accreditation organizations and accepted by universities in the same industry in the region and around the world. receive.

Acquiring knowledge - mastering the future is to acquire and thoroughly understand useful and correct knowledge so that students can master technology, master society, and adapt to development. development of technology in the new era so that there are more opportunities for further development.



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