What you need to know about new changes in MIT University admission scheme 2023

On December 1, 2022, MIT University Vietnam released its tentative admission scheme for 2023.

Những điểm mới trong đề án tuyển sinh năm 2023 của MIT University Vietnam

Accordingly, MIT University will offer 3000 slots for full-time undergraduate degrees with 17 degrees & programs and 35 majors based on 05 admission methods, specifically:

Candidates can apply for admission in all 05 method categories to increase their chances of being admitted:

- Based on the test results of the High School Graduation Exam in 2023;

- Based on the test results of the Competency Assessment Test of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City 2023;

- Based on the average grade of three subjects in grade 12;
Based on the total average score of 3 semesters (in grade 11 and first semester in grade 12);

- Based on the average score of 2 semesters in grade 12.

Những điểm mới trong đề án tuyển sinh năm 2023 của MIT University Vietnam

Ly Quoc Huy MBA, Director of Center for Admissions and Communications at MIT University said that the university basically keeps the 04 enrollment methods of 2022 and updated one new method of admission by reviewing the academic records of grade 12. The university announced the addition of four new majors including Nursing, Chinese Language, Finance Technology, and Digital Marketing. In addition, the admission policy of 2023 gives special priority to students of Dong Nai province with more than 1600 scholarships, with a total worth of more than 20 billion VND.

In 2023, the University announced three new bachelor’s degree programs including Nursing, Chinese Language, Finance Technology, and Digital.

According to statistics from Center for Student Experience and Employment, 92% of MIT students have a stable job right after graduation. The university’s training disciplines are pioneering, meeting the human resource needs for the industrial revolution 4.0 with some industries receiving key investments such as Automotive engineering technology, Information technology, Finance Technology, Digital Marketing, English language, and so on.
The university is located on 24 hectares of land and has impressive architecture. After joining Nguyen Hoang Group, the university has undergone impressive changes from inside to outside.

The university is investing heavily in facilities and teaching equipment meeting international standards. MIT will expand its 24-hectare campus with well-equipped facilities: libraries, laboratories, workshops, dormitories, sports halls, football fields, swimming pools, etc. Together with modern facilities, a clean and spacious campus, and a friendly environment, MIT is surely a great place for all students to study and experience university life.

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