On the morning of March 30, Mien Dong Innovative Technology University – MIT University Vietnam held an online session of the appraisal council for 02 undergraduate programs: Digital Marketing & Financial Technology (Fintech).

The appraisal council includes:

• Professor Chuc Anh Tu, Ph.D. – Academy of Finance (Chairman)
• Assoc. Prof. Pham Thi Huyen, Ph.D. – National Economics University (NEU)
• Dr. Cao Minh Tien, Ph.D. – Academy of Finance
• Nguyen Nam Hai, M.S. – Nam Hai Van Co. Ltd.

The MIT representatives include:

• Dr. Dang Van Thuong, Ph.D. – Head of the Office of Academic and Research Affairs
• Dr. Nguyen Van Dung, Ph.D. – Dean of the School of Economics – Administration – Law
• Dr. Vo Minh Duc, Ph.D. – Deputy Dean of the School of Economics – Administration – Law

After 2 hours of serious discussion and insightful feedback from the appraisal council, the curriculum drafting committee listened and took notes carefully. 

Both the Digital Marketing program and the Fintech program were approved by the evaluation council.

Soon, MIT University will contribute to the training of qualified students to meet the demand of the labor market in two areas of Digital Marketing and Fintech. This is a turning point marking a new milestone in the development of teaching and learning activities of MIT Uni.

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