Some beautiful photos in the series of career guidance programs at Song Ray High School – Cam My and Dinh Quan High School

As a continuation of the theme “Career Guidance – Shaping the future”, the team of experts and MIT University have listened to and answered questions raised by prospective students directly regarding university options, career choices, job market, and career opportunities.

MIT University and a delegation of experts visited and met the students in grades 10-11-12 of Dinh Quan High School and Song Ray High School.

The meeting was honored to have the special attention and companionship of the MIT University Rector – Assoc. Pro. Dr. Pham Van Song. In addition to popular majors, young students were particularly interested in the fields that offer numerous job opportunities such as Oriental Studies and Chinese Language. Dr. Pham Ngoc Anh – Director of Oriental Studies Program has also shared his experience as an international student studying abroad in Taiwan in an easy-to-understand way.

Ms. Le Thi Thuy, MBA was also a highlight of the talks with her speeches and responses on career opportunities and income of the Multimedia industry. She also shared that hopefully, the students will not “play on the wrong side of the field” after graduation due to the differences between studying and working environments.

In addition, another representative of MIT University – Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung MBA has also inspired and shared his knowledge and experience on choosing a career and a university.

 Wishing all the teachers and students of Dinh Quan High School and Song Ray High School good health and success! MIT University and the team of experts will be visiting other high schools soon!!

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