MIT-ers of Automotive Technology takes final exam on car engine for the first tim

MIT-ers of Automotive Engineering for the first time took their final exam on a car engine at the automotive workshop

After days of relentless waiting, the students of class 18OT1101 of the Faculty of Automotive Technology and Aviation Engineering were able to study and take the exam on a real car at the automotive workshop located on the campus of MIT University

With the knowledge and skills gained in the course of study, MIT-ers of the year 2019 could perform the disassembly, inspection, and maintenance of components on a car engine skillfully

From now on, the students of Automotive Technology will familiarize themselves with different car engines and components to consolidate their learning and “adapt gradually to the world of technology” & accumulate hands-on experiences at MIT University

It is a rewarding experience to study Automotive Technology at MIT University. Apply to study at MIT University and become an MIT-er now

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