MIT University organizes an online seminar for students of Oriental Studies 2022-2023

On the afternoon of November 11, professor Lin Chi-lin, who is an acclaimed professor and has many years of experience in teaching and conducting research on international affairs relating to Oriental studies at National Pingtung University in Taiwan, held a virtual seminar on “The Cross-strait relations and security on Asia-Pacific region” from the viewpoint of Taiwanese intellects. 

The attendants were the students of the Oriental studies program, class of 2022 at MIT University.

The topics presented throughout the seminar included:
• Cross-Strait relations;
• Taiwan’s economy;
• Exchange of job prospects and employment opportunities for the students of Oriental studies after graduation.

After the presentation, the students exchanged ideas, asked questions, and discussed some issues of interest. In addition, the professor also introduced advanced learning opportunities with a variety of programs:

Undergraduate and graduate student exchange programs with universities in Taiwan;
best job opportunities for the bachelors of Oriental studies program at large companies in China, Taiwan, or in Vietnam.

Pham Ngoc Anh, Ph.D. – Director of Oriental studies program

Mr. Ngoc Anh said “Students feel excited because, in addition to expanding their knowledge and understanding and developing a multi-perspective point of view, they also have the opportunity to practice speaking skills with a native speaker of Chinese, a language they are learning. They also have an interesting learning experience by varying their learning modes.

Mr. Ngoc Anh also wishes that all the students will constantly learn and train to improve their professional qualifications and skills to better meet the needs of society, the market, and international integration. He will always accompany the learners to bring the best experience of learning, acquiring knowledge, and improving skills.

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