MIT Uni. to organize conference and auto show “Electric Vehicles and Smart Mobility”

For the first time, a conference and auto show event with the participation of leading experts and automobile companies is to be held at MIT University on December 17.

The conference and exhibition event aims to enhance knowledge and learning motivation for the students of automotive technology and aviation engineering faculty, especially for the internships of senior students. The conference and exhibition “Electric cars and smart mobility” is a meeting event for researchers, academics, investors, companies, MIT and non-MIT university students to share ideas and experiences about automotive technology in the fourth industrial revolution.

The “Electric cars” exhibition is held to introduce to the public current electric cars on the market as well as technologies being applied on current and future electric cars. The exhibition sends a message to the public that electric cars are the trend of transportation for everyone in the future.

The event is held on December 17 with the participation of leading experts in Vietnam and from other countries.

The seminars presented at the conference will focus on the topics of electric vehicles, sustainable mobility of electric vehicles in a smart city, and development trends of electric vehicles in the world in the future. The conference’s reports will discuss the design of electric vehicles, technologies for self-driving vehicles, and the connectivity and identification between autonomous vehicles.

The conference provides evidence for the future of electric vehicles that the world is heading to with the purpose of orienting the teaching and training of automotive engineers to meet the needs and trends of society in the automotive industry.

The conference will discuss and contribute to the teaching, training, and development strategy of the faculty of Automotive Technology and Aviation Engineering at MIT University.

The exhibition will showcase battery electric vehicles (BEV), and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) from Toyota Bien Hoa and VM Motors. The auto companies will present posters and brochures introducing technologies being applied to electric vehicles and some EV models expected to come to the Vietnam market.

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