Mien Dong University attends welcoming ceremony for leaders of Education and Sports Department of Champasak Province, Laos

On the morning of October 18, MIT University Vietnam was honored to jointly welcome the delegation of the Education and Sports Department of Champasak province, Laos visiting and holding talks with the Department of Education and Training of Dong Nai and other Departments and Offices.  

Mr. Bua Thoong Su Van Na Sa –Provincial Standing Committee and Director of Education and Sports Department of Champasak – led the delegation of Champasak.

Representing Dong Nai province, Mr. Vo Ngoc Thach – Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Training of Dong Nai – held the exchange and discussion meeting between the two provinces to discuss the management, training, and support offered to Champasak students who are studying at different educational institutions in Dong Nai province.

At the reception, Ly Quoc Huy, M.A. – Director of the Center for Admissions and Communication MIT University shared some advantages of MIT University Vietnam to becoming an ideal university for Lao students to choose for their future studies.

MIT University Vietnam is a member of the leading education group in Vietnam – Nguyen Hoang Group providing an all-around education from kindergarten to doctorate with more than 70,000 K-12 students, university students, and more than 4,000 qualified personnel and lecturers.

• In terms of facilities, MIT University is ranked among the top universities with the largest campus area in the south of Vietnam with the provision of various features such as dormitories, sports fields, training rooms, laboratories, and other amenities to assist students’ learning during their studies at MIT University.

.MIT University Vietnam aims to become an international university with core values based on integration and development.

Mr. Bua Thoong Su Van Na San expressed his intention to cooperate with Dong Nai to “share experiences in developing the education system, especially in developing vocational education institutions to advance industrialization and modernization, and continue to grant scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students in various fields that Champasak is in need of.”

To maintain and strengthen the tie relationship and partnership between the two sister provinces of Champasak and Dong Nai, MIT University will also apply the same scholarship policy to Champasak officials and students.

Speaking on behalf of MIT University Vietnam, Ly Quoc Huy, M.A has also sincerely sent his invitation to the leaders of Champasak province to visit and exchange talks at MIT University. This will serve as a premise for a comprehensive partnership signing between Champasak and MIT University Vietnam, as well as between Champasak and Nguyen Hoang Group.

Mien Dong Innovative Technology University and Champasak hope to cooperate in providing training programs ranging not only from diplomas, and associate degrees to bachelor’s degrees but also up to graduate degrees aiming to provide qualified human resources for Champasak.

Center for Admissions and Communications


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