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In particular, this is the first meeting in the series of career guidance meetings with 100 High schools with the participation of 10 highly qualified lecturers who have extensive experience in teaching and giving professional advice to young people.

 •  Specialist Doctor Level II, Distinguished Physician Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha – Head of School of Health Science


 Dr. Dang Van Thuong, Ph.D. – Head of Office of Academic and Research Affairs

 Dr. Nguyen Van Dung, Ph.D. – Dean of School of Economics – Administration – Law

 Dr. Luong Hung Truyen, Ph.D. – Associate Dean of School of Automotive Technology and Aviation Engineering

 Pham Thanh Trung, M.A. – Associate Dean of School of Foreign Languages and International Culture

 Dr. Pham Ngoc Anh, Ph.D. – Director of Oriental Studies Program

 Nguyen Nang Quang, LL.M. – Director of Economic Law Program

 Nguyen Cong Quan, M.Sc. – Director of Veterinary Science Program 

  Ly Quoc Huy, M.A. – Director of Center for Admissions and Communications

  Le Thi Thuy, M.A. – Deputy Director of Center for Admissions and Communications 

As the weather was quite fantastic yesterday, it was even more brilliant because of the enthusiasm and inquisitiveness of all the students at Tran Phu High School. Hopefully, with the golden words and helpful advice from the guests, all the students have acquired some useful knowledge of their prospective professions and have a clearer orientation for their future education!

Wishing all the students the best of health, and a successful academic year ahead. It is hoped that you will always believe in yourself and never let “peer pressure” or FOMO manipulate you.

Center for Admissions and Communications 


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