Mien Dong University of Technology announced the passing score according to the method of admission examination report 4/2021

On August 2, 2021, the Admission Council of Mien Dong University of Technology (MIT) officially announced the matriculation score for the 4th high school transcript examination methods (receiving applications until July 31). 2021) including admission examination of grade 12 transcripts in a combination of 03 subjects and admission of the average score of the whole year of 12th grade.

I. Pharmacy admission score is 24 points and 8.0, the remaining 18 points and 6.0

Accordingly, for the 12th grade transcript according to the combination of 3 subjects, the matriculation score  Pharmacy major  is 24 points, the remaining majors are 18 points, for the whole year 12th grade, the Pharmacy major is 8.0 and the rest is 8.0 6.0

The above score is for candidates in area 3 (no priority for subjects or regions). The difference in the matriculation score between the next two groups of subjects is 1.00 points; between the next two areas is 0.25 points. The announced matriculation scores (ensure the admission conditions are over 18 points for all industries) announced include priority points for areas and subjects and are calculated as follows:

- Method of reviewing grade 12 transcripts in a combination of 03 subjects: Admission test score = (average score of grade 12 subject 1 + average score of grade 12 subject 2 + average score of grade 12 subject 3) + priority score

- Methods of reviewing academic records for the whole year of 12th grade: Average score of subjects + Priority score

II. Successful candidates complete admission procedures from August 9 to August 25

Successful candidates will apply for admission from now until August 25, 2021. Currently, almost all localities have restricted travel, or are isolated or in a blockade area due to the Covid-19 epidemic, you can apply for admission online according to the following instructions:

- Candidates can go to the post office to deliver the application file or take a photo and send the proof and the application through the school's fanpage, following the following contents and requirements:


1/ Paper of payment/transfer of tuition fees via bank (if the money has been paid through the bank)

2/ 01 original of Admission Notice (issued by Eastern University of Technology)

3/ 01 original certificate of high school graduation exam results in 2021 (for candidates who have participated in the high school graduation exam in 2021)

4/ 01 original Certificate of Competency Assessment exam results of Vietnam National University HCMC in 2021 (for candidates who are considered for admission by the results of the National University HCMC Competence Assessment exam in 2021)

5/ 01 certified true copy of high school diploma (or equivalent) (for candidates graduating from high school from 2020 or earlier)

6/ 01 certified true copy of provisional high school graduation certificate (for candidates graduating from high school in 2021)

7/ 01 certified true copy of high school transcript (or equivalent)

8/ 01 certified true copy of certificate of priority subjects (if any)

9/ 01 student's curriculum vitae (according to the form of MUT, certified by the agency or local authority, with a photo and stamped on the photo) (According to the attached file)

10/ 01 certified true copy of Birth Certificate

11/ 01 copy of ID card (ID number must be complete, clear, not lacking in focus)

12/ 01 Health certificate issued by a competent medical facility

13/ Original copy of the membership book (if any)

14/ 01 copy of Health Insurance card (if any)


Step 1: Successful candidates receive admission notice from the Admissions Office by post (via mail or Zalo).

Step 2: Successful candidates pay tuition fees directly at the bank or by online transfer (Internet banking).

Bank transfer information:

+ Amount to be paid: will be detailed on the admission notice

+ Account holder's name: Eastern University of Technology

+ Account number: 5915 201 002 472

+ At the bank: AGRIBANK - Branch of Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai

Step 3: Candidates send the receipt of tuition payment via Zalo (connect) to phone number 0981.767.568.

Step 4: Candidates receive their student card and register the uniform size when they have the opportunity to come to school

For candidates located in the quarantined area, unable to go to the Post Offices to send their documents, please contact the Admissions and Communications Department directly: 0981.767.568 for detailed instructions.

For candidates who have registered for admission examination and are eligible for admission scores, they need to add a provisional graduation certificate (or high school diploma) and send a valid copy by courier before 5:00 p.m. on October 10. 8 to complete the admissions process.

III. Receive applications for admission to the 5th batch of academic records until August 15, the score for receiving applications is from the matriculation score of the 4th batch or higher.

The MIT Admissions Council announces that it will continue to receive applications for the 5th batch of academic records by both methods (for admission to grade 12 according to a combination of 3 subjects and the average score of the whole year of 12th grade) until August 15 for students. all training disciplines at the school; The score for each industry's application is from the 4th grade of that industry or higher. Particularly for the Pharmacy major, candidates need to ensure the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training on the conditions for admission to the Health Science major (achievement of Grade 12 for Pharmacy major).

MIT will receive admission applications until August 15 for 11 training majors at the University


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