Is Mien Dong University of Technology good?

Mien Dong University of Technology has its main campus in Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai province. After nearly 10 years of construction and development, the Mien Dong University of Technology (MIT) has really risen to become a prestigious university in the southern region. Let's review to see what at this school is that attracts so many students!

The overall perspective of the new MIT campus from above in Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai promises to bring students a modern study space

1. Smart, modern teaching and learning environment

After being invested by Nguyen Hoang Education Group (NHG), leaders of the Eastern University of Technology (MIT) are implementing a revolutionary development strategy to bring the school to a new position. The school will have major changes, which include strong investment in facilities with international standard campus and teaching equipment. Training programs will also be reviewed to meet the reality of the current industrial revolution 4.0.

The school is being strongly invested in facilities with international standard campus and teaching equipment

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Van Song - Rector of Mien Dong University of Technology, said: “Mien Dong University of Technology was established in 2013 and has grown steadily to gradually assert itself as a multidisciplinary university, multi-field and prestigious in the Southeast region. The next phase of school is extremely important. The university's leaders will implement a revolutionary development strategy to bring the university to a new position: an excellent university in engineering, technology and innovation, not only in the southern region but also located in the southern region. high in the internationally recognized University rankings”.

2. International standard practice room

At Mien Dong University of Technology, in addition to the classroom sessions, the lecture halls are designed according to the standards of international universities cooperating from Singapore, Japan, and South Korea, most of the students spend their time in the classroom. spend a lot of time in laboratories, practical experiments equipped with advanced machines and equipment. Traditional book libraries and electronic libraries with more than 10,000 books are a source of knowledge to serve your passion for learning, research and entertainment. The reading room is spacious, airy and quiet. In addition, it also links and connects data with electronic libraries of major universities across the country.

MIT's facilities will be upgraded extremely "genuine"

3. The large campus is peaceful and clean

The campus is 10 hectares wide, owns impressive football fields and is covered with green trees with fresh air. The school has a general sports field with an area of ​​10,420 m2, including: 2 artificial grass mini football fields, 4 volleyball courts, 4 badminton courts, 1 basketball court, and ping-pong tables.

A corner of the current Eastern University of Technology campus, which is expected to be upgraded and expanded

4. The teaching staff are experienced experts

With a teaching staff of the school with more than 200 leading lecturers in technical training majors, including: 05 Professors – PhDs, 08 Associate Professors – PhDs, 33 PhDs and 156 Masters from universities major national universities and international training organizations.

According to the plan of the leaders of the Eastern University of Technology, in the next school year, with the orientation of a smart university model, the school will have a "makeover" with major changes: First, the school will Strong investment in facilities and teaching equipment according to international standards, followed by training programs are reviewed to meet the reality of the industrial revolution 4.0.

The university will add a team of lecturers who are prestigious domestic and international scientists to teach and research

5. Training program that follows the reality of the business

MIT's training program is reviewed to meet the reality of the industrial revolution 4.0, taught and researched at the university by lecturers who are prestigious domestic and international scientists.

MIT aspires to create generations of comprehensive students with five core values: Dynamic, Creative, International Integration, Knowledge Acquisition, Future Mastery.

6. 3-star standard dormitory for MIT . students

Students from far away can register for free at MIT dormitory with nearly 1,000 accommodation. In addition, the University also has many regimes and policies on tuition fee exemption and reduction from 15% to 50%/student depending on circumstances or conditions. for the best students to overcome difficulties. Scholarship funds from sponsors and businesses are annually awarded at the opening ceremony.

The school supports 100% of accommodation for students according to 3-star standards

7. Practice, work at a leading corporate group

During their studies, students are given the opportunity to practice and work at domestic and foreign enterprises. The school cooperates with 68 businesses to support students with internships and graduate jobs. Specifically: the school cooperates with more than hundreds of pharmacies, hospitals, law offices, companies, English centers ... to introduce students to internships and jobs for students.

At MIT, students get to experience jobs right from the time they are at school

8. Job security after graduation

Securing jobs after graduation for students is one of the important issues that the school is always aiming for. According to statistics in recent years, the number of graduates who find jobs suitable for their training majors is over 90% and is always highly appreciated by businesses. In addition, the Student Job Introduction and Experience Center regularly organizes a job recruitment and job introduction day for students while they are still at school.

MIT is committed to introducing jobs to students after graduation

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