Students of Mien DongUniversity of Technology produce 4000 bottles of hand sanitizer to serve the prevention and control of epidemics in Dong Nai province and the summer 2021 youth volunteer campaign.

Continuing the spirit of youth volunteering in the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic nationwide, especially in Ho Chi Minh City recently, a neighboring province of Dong Nai, to cope with the situation. When the epidemic broke out in the whole province, the People's Committee of Dong Nai province issued documents to implement measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic throughout the province.


(Deployment and preparation of production tools)

Following the direction and requirements of the Provincial Youth Union - Dong Nai Farmers' Association Students of Mien Dong University of Technology   take advantage of available human resources who are students majoring in Pharmacy and students from their hometowns. Due to the epidemic situation, it is impossible to return to the hometown, the Youth Union - the Student Union of the university organized the production process with 20 students, Produced at the apothecary room - the school's practical laboratory center , with the guidance of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Branded "Hand sanitizer" is a product produced by students of the Mien Dong University of Technology.

Besides, in order to continue the summer volunteer program in previous years, this year in the context of the outbreak of the Covid epidemic, with the spirit of volunteering, the Union - MUT Association continues to produce hand sanitizer to serve the youth volunteer campaign. summer 2021.

In the first two days of production, the students produced more than 500 bottles of hand sanitizer and will supply each batch to Dong Nai province at the request of the province, in the expected total production of 4000 bottles to to serve the epidemic prevention and control in Dong Nai province and this year's Summer Volunteer campaign.


(Processing and manufacturing stage)

All hand sanitizers are manufactured according to WHO guidelines in combination with the school's guideline formula, creating a high ability to disinfect, create fragrance and protect the skin. Production is guaranteed according to the school's standards and recipes, which have been tested at Pasteur Institute - Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

Currently, the dormitory of the Eastern University of Technology is being requisitioned to be a general isolation area of Thong Nhat district. Students will produce to serve in the isolation area in the coming days. Thong Nhat District Preventive Medicine Center.



(Bottling and labeling stage)

With the desire to bring knowledge learned in class into practice and apply to life. While the Covid-19 epidemic is raging, MUT students always join hands to help and together seriously implement anti-epidemic measures to soon repel the disease.

(Finished product)

(Products branded by university students)

Some pictures in the production process of preparing hand sanitizer




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