Students from Mien Dong University of Technology join Dong Nai in fighting the epidemic

In the past few days, when many provinces/cities are implementing distance according to Directive 15 and Directive 16 of the Prime Minister to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic, Mien Dong University of Technology decided to let students take a break. Learn to prevent disease. Most of the students have returned home and strictly followed the instructions.

However, there are students who stay at the school, because of the spirit of "fighting the epidemic like fighting the enemy", our students have signed up to participate in volunteer squads to support the local epidemic prevention and control work. direction.

In addition to online classes, taking advantage of the time many university students have supported the disease prevention and control by assisting in taking samples for testing in quarantined areas, temporary blockade, participating on standby. at epidemic control checkpoints, supporting people in blocked areas.

upport epidemic prevention and control by participating in sampling

According to Tran Thi Thu Hien - a 16th grade Pharmacy student who is participating in epidemic prevention and control, a student of the Faculty of Pharmacy, she has been meticulously guided by teachers on how to prevent them, so Hien is confident in her task. assigned service. Wearing tight, hot protective suits, Hien and his friends all tried their best to complete the job well.

Many MIT students are participating in supporting epidemic prevention and volunteering activities

Working at the frontline, a new university student of Pharmacy - Thuy Bang also shared: "Because the epidemic situation in Dong Nai increased very high every day, we received the order to move and we were on our way. field hospitals, so sometimes we can't focus on our studies completely, but certainly, we don't leave school unfinished, just hope that the school and teachers will understand if we miss school

Many new undergraduate students majoring in Pharmacy are now working on the front lines and have to take advantage of their time to study and save lives

MITERs prepare 1000 bottles of hand sanitizer for Doan Dong Nai province

Participating in epidemic prevention and control, MIT students also prepared 1,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to donate to Doan Dong Nai province to coordinate the supply to blockade locations, isolation areas and quarantine points in the area. conscious.




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