Industry Management and what you need to know!

In the current volatile economic situation of the country, businesses and agencies in Vietnam are in dire need of professional human resources who can manage operations to fully cope with the challenging economic situation. this challenge. Therefore, the Industrial Management industry is having promising job opportunities and is hoping to help businesses have a direction to reach.

Industry Management and what you need to know

In 2021, the Eastern University of Technology will continue to open a training course in Industrial Management to train engineers capable of analyzing, designing and managing industrial production and service systems.

Becoming a Bachelor of Industrial Management you will be equipped with specialized career skills such as:

- Develop management measures in areas such as technology management, production management, quality management, project management, information system in management effectively.

- Apply the principles of advanced management methods to organize and operate production, ensure product quality as required.

- Participate in consulting on technical issues of management and product development in the industrial production system.

- Ability to coordinate well with technical and technology staff to manage activities effectively.

- Can use specialized software in calculation and industrial management.

- Can use at least one foreign language at level 3 (Equivalent to B1 of the European Standard Foreign Language Competency Framework) for research and study to improve professional qualifications).

In 2021, Mien Dong University of Technology considers academic records for Industrial Management

In addition, students are also equipped with the necessary soft skills for a good job after graduation, job opportunities after graduating from Industrial Management at the Eastern University of Technology:

- Working in Sales Department, Planning Department, Production Management Department, Marketing Department at industrial enterprises and export processing zones.

- Working in Project Management Department, Executive Management Department as a direct implementer or operator and manager.

- Participating in teaching at universities, colleges and professional secondary schools in the field of economic and technical training.

Student of Industrial Management at MIT

The reasons MIT is chosen by many candidates:

1. Smart, modern teaching and learning environment

2. The campus is large, peaceful, clean and beautiful

3. International standard practice room

4. The teaching staff are experienced experts

5. Training program that follows the reality of the business

6. Intern, work at leading corporations and enterprises

7. Job security after graduation

8. Free dormitory


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