Automotive Engineering Technology at MIT: Are there high job opportunities?

In the current development trend of society, the increasing income level is proportional to the need to improve people's lives, the use of means of transport is put on top.

Along with that, Industry 4.0 is having a strong impact on many industries, especially high-tech industries such as: Automotive Engineering Technology, Aviation Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, ... Therefore, the automotive engineering technology engineers are being welcomed by businesses and in the future have many prospects.

In 2021, the Mien Dong University of Technology enrolls students in Automotive Engineering Technology with a combination of subjects: A00 (Math - Physics - Chemistry); A01 (Math – Physics –  English); C00 (Literature – History – Geography); D01 (Math - Literature - English). With the advantage of a spacious campus, the school built a large-scale factory with an area of ​​​​more than 5,000m, equipped with modern facilities according to international standards, creating conditions for students to practice at the university. school.

In 2021, Mien Dong University of Technology will consider admission to the Automotive Engineering Technology major

At MIT, students of Automotive Engineering Technology are equipped with professional knowledge, along with professional skills that are also focused by the school, taught to students such as:

- Calculating and designing basically all kinds of cars that meet the technical requirements set out in production practice.

- Having the skills to meet the duties of a technician and auto warranty professional: building a technological process for automobile warranty, maintenance and repair and management of automotive technical services, Operate equipment and processes at automotive technical service units.

- Exploiting and using proficiently specialized software to serve professional work effectively. Ability to adapt to rapid technological changes, self-learning in the working environment and lifelong learning;

- Use English in technical communication (minimum English level equivalent to TOEIC 450) to study, improve professional qualifications and work with English technical documents.

- Have analytical, thinking, communication, teamwork and other soft skills effectively.

Along with that, is an opportunity to participate in internships at automobile assembly workshops, spare parts factories, maintenance centers, showrooms, etc., large in the province and outside the province because the school cooperates with the school to ensure the first quality. ra with a commitment to introduce jobs to students of Automotive Engineering Technology.

Large campus with practical workshop for students of automotive engineering technology

The reasons MIT is chosen by many candidates:

1. Smart and modern teaching and learning environment.

2. The campus is large, peaceful, clean and beautiful.

3. International standard practice room.

4. The teaching staff are experienced experts.

5. The training program closely follows the reality of the enterprise.

6. Intern and work at leading corporations and enterprises.

7. Job security after graduation.

8. Free dormitory.


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