MIT - A great destination for those who are passionate about the pharmaceutical industry

With the development of society, people's need for health care and drug use is becoming more and more urgent. Therefore, medicine plays an important role in people's daily life and the demand for human resources of this industry is increasing.

Pharmacy students in a Experimental Practice session

To put it simply, Pharmacy is the scientific study of drugs, the study of indicators related to the reaction between drugs and humans. Basically, chemistry and biology are both related to Pharmacy. Studying Pharmacy, you will know how to produce drugs and the metabolic effects of drugs in the treatment of human diseases.

Currently, our country is in the period of integration into the world and regional economy, becoming the second largest pharmaceutical market in Southeast Asia, one of 17 countries ranked in the group with the highest growth in the pharmaceutical industry. because Vietnam's population is entering the "aging" phase.

MIT Pharmacy students in volunteering activity "Manufacturing hand sanitizer"

Thus, the demand for health care also increases, so the pharmaceutical industry also has the opportunity to develop faster. This has motivated domestic and foreign enterprises to focus on investing in the construction of pharmaceutical research and production factories. Along with a drug distribution system that is spread across the country with over 2,200 units and 43,000 retail establishments. Therefore, it can be seen that pharmacy job opportunities are very open, students after graduation will no longer have to worry about job burden. Those of you who are passionate about studying Pharmacy, please continue to fulfill your passion, because the job opportunities of this profession after graduation are great.

In 2021, the Mien Dong University of Technology will consider admission to the degree program in Pharmacy

Mien Dong University of Technology (MIT) will welcome you with modern facilities and equipment to serve teaching in the best way, along with a team of experienced lecturers. , enthusiastic and always friendly to students, surely MIT will be a great learning environment for you.

The reasons MIT is chosen by many candidates:

1. Smart, modern teaching and learning environment

2. The campus is large, peaceful, clean and beautiful

3. International standard practice room

4. The teaching staff are experienced experts

5. Training program that follows the reality of the business

6. Intern, work at leading corporations and enterprises

7. Job security after graduation

8. Free dormitory


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