Some outstanding contestants (MUT) at MISS UNIVERSITY NHG 2021

Growing up from the MUT Elegant Student Contest 2019 and coming to the Miss University NHG contest in 2021, Mien Dong University of Technology (MUT) has had outstanding female students from 9X and 2000 onwards. MUT "reveals" the female students who have registered to participate in Miss University NHG 2021.

Nguyen Thi Nhu Tuyet - 2nd year - Pharmacy major, from Ba Ria - Vung Tau. The 1st runner-up of the contest "Elegant Students MUT 2019" with dynamism and sweetness always leaves deep impressions on friends and teachers. Coming to this year's Miss University NHG contest, Nhu Tuyet shared: "Always study, build and perfect your image to bring positive energy to everyone around."

Hoang Nhu Tam Thao - born in 2000 is a 3rd year student majoring in English Language. Thao comes from Dong Nai, the land of steadfast heroes. At the 2019 MUT Elegant Student Contest, Tam Thao brought herself the title of 1st Runner-up with an extremely attractive smile. Coming to Miss University NHG in 2021, you are determined to bring out your full potential.



Tran Thi Thanh Tram, a first-year English language student, from Ninh Thuan province. Entering the top 5 of MUT Elegant Students in 2019, Thanh Tram left regrets for the audience with her bright eyes and friendly smile when she couldn't make it to the top 3. Registering her name with this year's Miss University NHG contest, Thanh Tram shared: "I want to challenge myself at bigger competitions to improve and develop myself further."




Coming from the land of sunny and rubber Binh Phuoc is a female student Le Thi Hien - 3rd year of Economic Law. You participate in the Miss University NHG contest with the highest determination and efforts. "Hien wants to spread and share love to all contestants and everyone" - the female student shared.

Nguyen Anh Thu - Year 2 English Language - Ba Ria - Vung Tau. Thu shared: “I love to learn and experience myself in challenges. I am enthusiastic, cheerful, friendly, with a personality that is neither too strong nor too weak. Coming to Miss University NHG this year, Thu wants to learn from the experience of the judges and shine more confidently.

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