Deciphering the reasons why Mien Dong University of Technology is chosen by many candidates

In recent years, the Mien Dong University of Technology (MUT) has gradually become a favorite name in the Southeast region. Let's decipher why MUT is chosen by many candidates.


Smart, modern teaching and learning environment

After being recently invested by Nguyen Hoang Education Group (NHG), Mien Dong University of Technology (MUT) implemented a breakthrough development strategy, first of all strongly investing in facilities. quality campus, teaching equipment according to international standards. Training programs will also be reviewed to meet the current realities of society and employers.

In addition to the current campus, it is expected that in August 2021, the school will break ground on the renovation of a new campus with a total area of ​​24 hectares at the headquarters of Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai province. According to the plan, this will be a complex with full facilities such as a practice workshop, multi-purpose gymnasium, swimming pool, library, and amusement park. With an open design, the play areas will be a space for students to start a business and have the opportunity to experience interesting utility services after stressful school hours. In particular, the swimming pool area and Olympic-standard running track will be the gathering place for national and international sports activities in the future.

The overall perspective of the new MUT campus from above in Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai promises to bring students a modern study space

Instructors are experienced professionals

The current teaching staff of the school has more than 200 experienced lecturers in technical training specialties, including: 5 professors - PhDs, 8 associate professors - PhDs, 33 PhDs and 156 masters from all over the world. major domestic universities and international training organizations. In the near future, the school also plans to recruit leading experts and lecturers with extensive experience in the international environment for direct teaching.

Assoc. Prof-Dr. Pham Van Song - Rector of MUT shared: “With more than 10 years of studying and working at two major German universities famous for technology, the University of Stuttgart and the Berlin University of Technology, believes that the knowledge and This valuable experience in this educational environment will help me do better in management at MUT, step by step bring MUT to a new position: an excellent university in engineering, technology and innovation, not only southern region that ranks high in internationally recognized university rankings”.

A corner of the current Mien Dong University of Technology campus, which is expected to be upgraded and expanded

Support 100% accommodation for students

Students from far away can register for free at MUT dormitory with nearly 1,000 accommodation. The school also applies many regimes and policies on tuition fee exemption and reduction from 15% to 50%/student according to conditions and academic results. This helps parents and candidates who are far away to feel completely secure with the new learning environment, especially in the current post-Covid period.

Free dormitory is being upgraded to support student use

Not only supporting 100% of accommodation, students will have the opportunity to experience a unique and interesting outdoor space

Training program closely follows reality, practice, working at leading enterprises

MUT's training program is reviewed and built to meet the criteria of employers, compiled by lecturers who are prestigious domestic and international scientists.

During their studies, students are given the opportunity to practice and work at domestic and foreign enterprises. With the desire to create comprehensive generations of students with 5 core values: Dynamic, Creativity, International Integration, Knowledge acquisition, Future mastery. According to statistics from the Student Experience Center, the percentage of graduates who find jobs suitable for their training majors is over 90% and is highly appreciated by businesses.


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