Finding the answer to the question: What do you do when you graduate from the field of Land Management?

Along with the strong development of the real estate market, land-related activities are increasingly developing. The activities of land transfer, lease, etc. take place regularly, including agricultural land, residential land, industrial land, commercial business, service.... This requires human resources on Land Management in terms of quantity and quality. Therefore, the Land Management industry has been attracting a lot of human resources at present.

In 2021, the Mien Dong University of Technology will consider admission to the field of Land Management

With an area of more than 30 hectares, both studying and practicing on the spot, creating conditions for students to practice easily measuring and drawing cadastral designs, etc. Mien Dong University of Technology is the ideal place. for students studying in this field. In addition, smart modern facilities, a team of leading regional teachers with high expertise and a system of sports halls serve for your training and entertainment after tiring and stressful school hours. straight,…

The land management industry is in need of a lot of human resources in the near future

So the above is enough to make you excited and quickly register to become a student of Mien Dong University of Technology or not?

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Job opportunities after graduation at the school such as:

- Working and working at Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Land Development

- CEO of real estate exchanges.

- Working at surveying and mapping companies or consulting centers on land disputes, project plans, land use plans.

With high quality training, this will be an ideal field of study at the Mien Dong University of Technology (MUT).

Become a member of the MUT family today for the following compelling reasons:

1. Smart, modern teaching and learning environment

2. The campus is large, peaceful, clean and beautiful

3. International standard practice room

4. The teaching staff are experienced experts

5. Training program that follows the reality of the business

6. Intern, work at leading corporations and enterprises

7. Job security after graduation

8. Free dormitory


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