Mien Dong University of Technology increases the chances of candidates being admitted by admission examination

Admission to university based on academic results through the examination of transcripts is a suitable solution for many candidates during the current complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic. Mien Dong University of Technology - MUT (Dong Nai), which trains quality technology human resources, fosters learners with skills, knowledge and innovative and creative thinking to master and manage , and solving technical and technological problems, has created favorable conditions for candidates through this selection channel.



MUT examines academic records

Admission to high school transcripts helps candidates actively choose a major instead of having to wait until the exam is completed, especially, the procedures are quite simple and convenient, the program is the same, the diploma is granted. same.

Online admission with Mien Dong University of Technology is easy at:  https://tuyensinhmut.edu.vn/


xét tuyển học bạ MUT

Mien Dong University of Technology enrolls 11 majors

For the academic year 2021-2022, Eastern University of Technology (school code DMD) offers valedictorian entrance scholarships for candidates equivalent to 100% of the full course fee.

This is a way to attract candidates with quality input and passion for technical and technological fields such as: Automotive Engineering Technology, Land Management, Industrial Management, Construction Engineering...

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Mien Dong University of Technology with a completely free policy of Dormitory while studying at the school

Candidates can immediately choose one of the following 3 forms of admission examination to have the opportunity to become a new student at Mien DongUniversity of Technology:

Form 1: Total average score of 03 subjects in grade 12 ≥ 18 points.

Form 2: GPA for the whole year of grade 12 ≥ 6.0 points.

Form 3: The total average score of 03 subjects in 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade ≥ 18 points.

Registration documents include:

- Application form for admission or online admission at https://tuyensinhmut.edu.vn

- Notarized copy of high school transcript (if the candidate has a transcript)

- Notarized copy of high school diploma (for candidates who have graduated from high school) / Provisional certificate of graduation.

- Priority certification (if any).

xét tuyển học bạ MUT

Easy online admission

Mien Dong University of Technology is developing into a smart, multi-disciplinary, multi-field, application-oriented university. The university aims to become a strong university, leading in engineering - technology and innovation in the southern region by 2030, trusted by domestic and international partners, and accredited by prestigious international educational accreditation organizations.

The Rector of the Mien Dong University of Technology is Assoc. Dr. Pham Van Song. He has many years of study and research in Germany (completed a Master's degree at the University of Stuttgart in 2004 and a PhD at the Berlin University of Technology in 2009), with more than 10 years of experience in teaching and research. university research and management. He used to hold the position of Vice Rector in charge of scientific research at Vietnam-Germany University (VGU).

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