Veterinarian - a noble profession "thirst" for human resources

Veterinary Medicine (English is Veterinary Medicine) is a branch of training and research on professional competence in veterinary medicine, the ability to perform laboratory operations, diagnosis and treatment of diseases for livestock. Veterinary medicine contributes to the care and protection of livestock by understanding the law, the veterinary drug market, and the livestock market.
In the context of expanding international exchanges, epidemics can become a global threat quickly, industrial society and waste pollution, people can become victims of poisoning. At any time without knowledge of precautions, Veterinarians, along with Medical Practitioners and biomedical researchers have "more work to do"...

In addition, the demand for pet health care such as pets is also being cared for and used a lot. Therefore, veterinary medicine is currently an industry with great potential for development as well as receiving special attention from candidates and parents.

The Veterinary Medicine industry currently has a lot of potential for development

Becoming a Veterinary Medicine student at Mien Dong University of Technology, students will have the opportunity to experience a large-scale laboratory practice area, in addition, they will be equipped with knowledge and skills. careers such as:

- Skills in diagnosing livestock diseases, preventing and treating diseases, organizing animal disease control.

- Skills to handle situations in animal treatment and protection, public health and ecological environment protection.

Experimenting with Veterinary Medicine on animals

After graduation, students can work at:

- Working in state management agencies, veterinary research and teaching establishments.

- Working in production and business establishments specializing in animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and other industries.

- Veterinary graduates can also apply to work in hospitals, veterinary stations, veterinary care facilities, animal research institutes.

- In addition, students are eligible to open pet care stores, ......

Becoming a Veterinarian is the dream and passion of many candidates

Mien DongUniversity of Technology (MIT) will be the place where your dreams come true!


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