Leading the way in public relations at MIT

Vietnam's economy is on the rise along with new breakthroughs of technology in the 4.0 era. This is the reason why the Public Relations industry is clearly positioned in the professional fields with businesses.

Currently, businesses, agencies, organizations and manufacturers are in need of a highly qualified and professional Public Relations (PR) team to connect with customers. From that fact, the Public Relations major is being opened, many attractive job opportunities for students when studying this major.

Are you worried about where to study Public Relations, what will it be like and what are the job opportunities at the moment?

What is Public Relations?

Public relations (PR) is the performance of specific tasks and strategies in order to establish a bridge between an organization, an enterprise and the community, customers (current and potential), investors, media... to shape and affirm the name, product brand or unit in the entire operation and development process.

Becoming a Public Relations student at the Mien Dong University of Technology, you will have the skills to build, maintain and develop relationships between organizations and public groups;

- Organization and planning of communication, crisis management;

- Skills in writing, editing and publishing press releases, other media products in the form of print, radio, television, electronic networks and relations with the press;

- Having management skills and consulting in building public planning strategy;

- Skilled in communication, negotiation, presentation, and effective assessment of public relations activities.

Besides acquiring professional knowledge from classroom lessons, equipping career skills, as a MIT  student, you can also participate in many useful entertainment programs to develop soft skills, promote own talents such as: MIT Elegant Student Contest, MIT Got Talent (MIT Got Talent), Job Fair...

Student of Public Relations at MIT

What are the job opportunities after graduating from Public Relations?

After graduating from Public Relations, you can try jobs such as:

- Working as a PR officer, advertising, marketing and marketing staff at units and organizations inside and outside the system of state organizations, various types of domestic enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises. Working as a professional spokesperson, MC or propaganda specialist, organizing events for an organization or business.

- Working as a reporter at newspapers, magazines, news agencies, radio and television stations.

- Working as a teaching officer, a researcher at training and research institutions in PR and communication, as a functional officer in agencies, organizations, enterprises or socio-political organizations festival.

With a system of high-quality training programs, the Eastern University of Technology (MIT) will be the ideal starting point for students who dream of working in this dynamic industry.

In 2021, the Eastern University of Technology will consider admission to the public relations major

The reasons MIT is chosen by many candidates:

1. Smart, modern teaching and learning environment

2. The campus is large, peaceful, clean and beautiful

3. International standard practice room

4. The teaching staff are experienced experts

5. Training program that follows the reality of the business

6. Intern, work at leading corporations and enterprises

7. Job security after graduation

8. Free dormitory


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