Promoting the application of technology in training, the new Head of Training expects that MIT will bring practical benefits to learners.

According to the plan of the leaders of the Mien Dong University of Technology, in the next school year, with the orientation of a smart university model, the school will have a "makeover" with major changes: First, the school will Strong investment in facilities and teaching equipment according to international standards, followed by training programs are reviewed to meet the reality of the industrial revolution 4.0.

Following the set plan, in July 2021, the Eastern University of Technology welcomed the new Head of Higher Education - Scientific Research and International Cooperation, Assoc. Dr. Le The Vinh.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le The Vinh - Head of Higher Education Department - Scientific Research and International Cooperation Eastern University of Technology

Before taking the position of Head of Higher Education - Scientific Research and International Cooperation at MUT, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le The Vinh has many years of experience in professional education and has held senior management positions such as: Head of Training Department of Vinh University of Technology, Deputy Head of Science and Technology Development Department - Ton Duc University Win.

Sharing about the plans to transform with MIT, Assoc. Dr. Le The Vinh emphasized: “It will be a 'revolution' in training program innovation; modern teaching methods. Mien Dong University of Technology in the near future will promote the application of new technology in training organizations.

The Department of Higher Education - Scientific Research and International Cooperation strengthens scientific research and international cooperation. The Department will also advise the University's leaders to develop policies to attract excellent domestic and foreign talents and scientists to work with the University; in order to successfully implement the development orientation of the University and bring practical benefits to learners”.

Visited and worked on training cooperation with the Vocational Education Committee, Ministry of Education, Bangkok, Thailand.

In the coming years, in addition to the existing ones, the university will open new pioneering training disciplines to meet the human resource needs for the industrial revolution 4.0. The university will have 6 faculties, 3 institutes, 8 rooms and 1 center, training a total of 24 disciplines and focusing heavily on high technology and innovation. Some industries will receive key investment such as: Automotive Engineering Technology, Aviation Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Pharmacy, Nursing. The training program is also designed to meet both local needs and international standards with learning resources  available anywhere, anytime.

The person who is expected to blow a new wind in training at MIT, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le The Vinh has achieved many achievements with valuable scientific research works and has received certificates of merit/awards. like:

- Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister for having made achievements in work from 2009 to 2013 contributing to socialist construction and protecting the Fatherland.

- Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs for excellently completing tasks and tasks in 2010, 2012

- Scholars Fellowship at the Center for Theoretical Physics - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) - Trieste, Italy, 2008

Welcome Prof. Dr. Le The Vinh, I wish you good health, happiness and new contributions to the MUT family.


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