Mission, Vision and Values


1. Vision

Eastern University of Technology develops into a smart, multi-disciplinary, multi-field, application-oriented university. The university aims to become a strong university, leading in engineering - technology and innovation in the southern region by 2030, trusted by domestic and international partners, and accredited by prestigious international educational accreditation organizations.

2. Mission

Eastern University of Technology is a place to train high-quality human resources, foster learners with skills, knowledge and innovative and creative thinking to master, manage, and solve problems. technical topics, technology to meet the requirements of modern society.


3. Values

- The spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship:

Students of the University have the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. MIT is an innovative organization in the education market. We encourage and support trainers and learners to put in the effort and take risks in bringing their ideas to market.

- Great experience environment for learners:

The experiential environment of the Eastern University of Technology will help young people become truly mature learners during their time studying at the University. An environment with modern facilities, international standards, large and peaceful campus. Learning environment with modern teaching methods and experiential guidance with AI approach, do first, learn later, go from data to algorithms. Learners will be inspired to aspire to experience, moving from "the teacher asks the student" to "the student asks the teacher". In addition, the close connection with businesses, companies, economic units, and social organizations in order to increase practicality and practical experience for learners, connect resources, innovate. Creativity helps learners start a business.

Smart environment:

MIT creates an intelligent teaching and learning environment. This environment creates learners with a high spirit of innovation.

Academic freedom and integrity:

The school respects academic freedom. Faculty members behave in accordance with the principles of academic integrity and adhere to standard rules of scientific research.